The Development of our North Avoca Project

Craig & Emmas home was one of those dream projects for us.

This home is is like gold. It’s honest, it’s raw, and it just really reinforces how much we actually care about the job, and they (Craig & Emma) always spoke about how much the team cared, how good of a bunch of guys and trades that we are. We couldn’t have asked for a better testimonial.

A few of us went to school with Craig and Emma’s son. We knew them prior. So that’s how they knew about JNDC. They had renovated before with a builder, but were ready to upgrade once again while living in the home throughout the process.

This project came in the middle of, not only COVID, but weeks of downpour on the Central Coast at the time. It was muddy, it was messy but we did our best to keep everything clean and usable while they were still there.

As the job progressed and luck started going up and we started getting finishes even at frame stage, seeing them at the end of every day with Oscar, their son walking in at the end of every day after school to see what we’d done that day. Seeing their face and noticing the changes was always a daily win. They appreciated what we were doing, and it was just an all around good environment to work in.

They really wanted a space where they could possibly rent out or that their mother was able to move into in the future, so it was a completely complete facelift of the home. It’s now the best looking house on the cul de sac in North Avoca.

Scope of Works

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