181 Cape Three – Avoca

The Story of 181 Cape Three Points Avoca: A Seaside Retreat

181 Cape Three Points Avoca was once just a run-of-the-mill beach house in need of a facelift. The family who lived there had two young sons who were students and they wanted to expand the home to provide more room for their growing family. However, when life took an unexpected turn, and one son left for college and the other chose to enroll in boarding school, the family found themselves with a new goal for their home.

Despite the unexpected changes in the family’s living situation, our priority was to make the home of their dreams a reality. We approached the project with a fresh perspective, aiming to surprise and delight the family with a reimagined living space that would be perfect for their new lifestyle.

The Main Section: A Seaside Retreat Transformed

The first step in the transformation of 181 Cape Three Points Avoca was to focus on the main house and create an open and airy living space that would be perfect for entertaining guests. We utilized VJ paneling throughout the home to add a cozy, beachy feel while maintaining the minimal, coastal aesthetic that the family loved.

The kitchen was a major focal point of the transformation, with the team enlarging it to make it the center of activity in the home. A large island was installed to provide a gathering space for guests while dinner is being made, and a stone fireplace was added to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A skylight was installed to bring in natural light, making the kitchen bright and welcoming.

In addition to the kitchen, we also created several social spaces. The team worked super well to bring this all together. They added large windows, balconies, and patios to create spaces that would be perfect for relaxing and entertaining guests.

The final result of the transformation of 181 Cape Three Points Avoca is a stunning seaside retreat that is as functional as it is beautiful. The family now has a home that is perfect for their new lifestyle, and JNDC is proud to have played a role in making their dream a reality.