About JNDC

At its core, JNDC is a building company and a team that cares about what we do. Based on the Central Coast, our objective is to get the perfect reaction from our clients every time. It’s what keeps us motivated and happy.

Custom-designed luxury architectural homes and renovations, made with the client’s dream in mind, make every home a unique and special place to live.

JNDC strives to create something better than our clients originally wanted, providing them with the highest level of care and communication along the way. We listen carefully while understanding our own strengths and ideas can often provide a better overall solution.

Our number one objective is, and always will be to create the best possible reaction when we hand the keys to the people who trusted us with one of their greatest and most important investments of their lives.

“It took a while for JNDC to find it’s reason for being, but the “aha” moment was was when I was driving home one day and someone pulled up beside me and yelled out, “Hey mate, I love your video of that fish on the vocal project last night,” I knew I had an instant follower. I learned that other people are interested in the things we are working on. Seeing someone’s positive response made me feel really good and comes back to the core of JNDC. Our business revolves around exactly this. Basically, we are providing a service that produces an extreme and positive reaction from our client.

In 2020, a client wanted to update their home from the 1970s and 1980s into something modern for the time. The first time they saw their house, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. I always enjoy seeing their reaction and surprise, as well as their excitement. It’s the fire that motivates me to keep working hard every day.

The success of a project depends not just on the customers, but on the whole team. We’re using our hands and minds to create something unique and challenging. Being able to watch my team thrive under pressure is rewarding as a leader. Showcasing their abilities generates widespread buzz across the board, and I get to stand back and watch them happy to do their thing.

We put so much into the work we do, and we treat each project as if it’s our own. We often go off plan during the process because we see new opportunities to make the builds even better. Of course it comes back to the client, but we’ll never settle to the original plan if we see a way to make the result way better.”
When we work with our clients, we employ extensive exploration of where the clients mind, and their vision for the home. This gives us insight into our clients’ tastes, interests, and the intended use of the house (is it a Forever Family Home, do they entertain, are there going to be kids?) with our signature questionnaire and initial meetings.

All the information allows us to better understand the client’s motivations for pursuing a home improvement project. Our team will review the proposal after we have a sense of their expectations and decide how to move forward.

For us to deliver exactly what our customers need, we schedule multiple meetings with them and run thorough checks more often than most. This is a priority for us; making sure the client feels as involved and included in the project as they want to be.
In some ways, the way our customers perceive our cost plus process reflects their own. Yes, we must generate revenue if we are to sustain ourselves and our team in the long run. However, with cost plus pricing, you can rest assured that you’re getting a reasonable deal. Cost plus pricing, on the other hand, guarantees that our remodeling and construction services are competitively priced. This facilitates the creation of a transparent and easy builder’s margin.

Noting that each stage allows us to make more educated selections, this is especially true when a client requests a custom design and price. On the other hand, if we price jobs based on how long it will take to finish them, we can rake in enormous profits on relatively minor tasks. However, since our bids are scaled to the size of the project, we always deliver a home that exceeds the expectations of the homeowners.
Our group always gives 110% to the projects that matter most to us. To introduce ourselves, we are a group of six dedicated and experienced builders. The JNDC team has grown slowly and intentionally in the last 3 years. We wanted to bring in the right people who aligned with our values, quality of work and dedication to our clients and homes.

We’ve built an environment at JNDC where everyone gets rewarded for doing something well. No one’s kind of left felt like that unappreciated. At the end of the day, when people are enjoying what they do, and having fun while doing it, they will always produce a better result. After working for a business who offered this level of care really well, Jake introduced this for his own team and it works.
The construction industry relies heavily on word of mouth. Our business has grown largely as a result of recommendations from satisfied customers. We’re not the type of company to take advantage of a customer, take all of their money and joy, then disappear without a trace once they hand over the keys. In fact, we keep in touch with our customers and frequently return for follow-up work like maintenance and upgrades. Because I believe my team does excellent work, we have been able to expand our client base.

I already mentioned that my team has a great reputation for being courteous and professional. In order to get to know our clients and their needs, we ask a lot of questions at the start of every project. This helps us take the pressure out of the situation. That’s our demeanor that we have created within our staff. That is why every property owner we have worked for keeps coming back and referring more people since they are sure that they can get what they want by leveraging our unpressurized demeanor.

We also work closely with reputable subcontractors who are passionate in what they do. For instance, we had a client who wasn’t sure what tiles to use in their bathroom. We contacted JND who deals with all kinds of tiles to come and save the day. JND designed and created a custom tile for the customer to try out. The client loved the tiles and made an order. After seeing the finished product, the homeowner was overjoyed.